Product Design
    SCI-Arc product design and art direction in collaboration with Marija Radisavljevic. Design of unique school items created to represent the student body and ethos of the school Photographed with discarded student work and materials found around campus.

Photography by Louis Trihn.

Graduate & Undergraduate Thesis Posters
An exploration of the form of architecture, applied to various mediums outside of the traditional. Poster invitation for student reviews and exhibitions. 

Valuable Processes for the Future
    An exploration of the generation and destruction of matter as meditation with interest in process over outcome.
Created a series of marks based on randomly generated combinations of material/object. All work made by hand, scanned and then destroyed as an investigation of my own impermanence. 

How’s it Supposed to Feel?
    A collection of visual explorations and notes about nothing. Including writings and images created as an attempt to forget any of my own aesthetic preferences and challenge my personal notions of “looking good”. 

Printed on a Risograph.Edition of 10

What is Design?
    An ongoing conversation between Tina Miyakawa and MJ Balvanera, Spring of 2017. An investigation of the value of design and the role of the designer. What are the boundaries between design, looking, living, making...? graphic or otherwise. 

Newsprint, Edition of 500

A Model for Living #1
    A set of conditions designed to influence and inspire collective behavior and action based on naturally occuring living systems.

Potential # of Days Before the End
    Documented every day that I have left on Earth as an examination of the body's impermanence.

SCI-Arc Graduation Invite
    In collaboration with Marija Radisavljevic for the graduating class of 2019. 

Printed by Traction Press
Letterpress with neon tipped edges

In Preparation for Practice
    A potential set of rules for living and practicing based on the behavior of chickens. Comparing their basic needs to those of humans, finding connection and dismantling hierarchy between species.

Business Cards for OTIS MFA Graphic Design

Riso, Edition of 250

Talleres Publicos
A project by Leonardo Bravo.
A series of workshops in collaboration with various artists, photographers and writers. Workshops, hands on making projects and conversations.

What Does a UFO Smell Like?
    Saskia Wilson-Brown, part of The Eyes Are Always Watching, Machine Project in collaboration with MJ Balvanera

Screen Printed, edition of 30. Collection of LACMA

Geothermal Futures Lab
Mark Foster Gage
    A collaboration between the Yale School of Architecture and SCI-Arc.

Fast Easy & Good
    A visual essay on the standard American diet and the corporatefood system — investigating the strategically conditioned appetitefor fast, easy and good.